Markets and Sectors

Faros Partners operates in a variety of sectors from Transport, Energy, Ancillary Services, and Other Sectors where the team has experience.

This sector includes Airports, Ports, Rail, and Roads and is largely dependent on large capital investments and is defined by increasing operational complexities, technology refinements, and slimming margins.
All of these require a detailed focus on operational streamlining, critical management of the capital investment, and constant development of creative revenue opportunities.

This sector includes the entire energy value chain, with particular focus on Renewable Energy including Solar, Wind, Thermal, and Hydro given Faros' experience with energy project development and the industry as a whole.
This is a growing sector, but with changing regulatory frameworks, evolving technologies, site assessment and issues, and other key aspects that make them complex and challenging.

Ancillary Services
This sector includes areas such as Logistics, Aviation Services, Car Parking, Fuelling, Advertising, and Real Estate Development. As most investments in the Services sector are ancillary to other asset types (e.g. an FBO in relation to an airport, or logistics to a port), Faros leverages its understanding of real estate, infrastructure, and related services.

Other Sectors
Faros participates in other sectors or projects where the team has had prior experience or where its skills and expertise are transferable. Other sectors where the Faros team has an active interest and experience include Healthcare, IT, Leasing, and Retail/Commercial projects.